Icons are done on a 1000x1000 canvas and are soft shaded. You can get a single character or a couples icon.Single Icon: $ 35.00
Extra Character: $15.00


Cute Chibi versions of your character! These are made with a simple background and soft shading.Single Character: $ 35.00
Extra Character: $20.00


Phone lock screen wallpapers that are character artwork fully rendered on a canvas based on your screen resolution and done with a single character or two, with a simple background or a complex background. If there's specific outfits or items you want drawn, you must specify with visual references.These are drawn in 16:9, 2560 x 1440, unless you specifically request otherwise.Single Character: $ 200.00
Extra Character: $20.00
Simple Background: $10.00


Small stickers for use with the Telegram Messenger App. Each sticker is 512 x 512 px with a transparent background, so they can be turned into icons as well!Single Sticker: $15.00Pack of 5: $75.00Pack of 10: $150.00


Single character sketches done in color with some tones and shading.Sketchpages are done in 8×11 to 11×14 canvas sizes. They come with 5 to 10 sketches.Headshot: $15.00
Full Body Sketch: $20.00
Extra Character: $15.00
Sketch Page: $65.00


Cell shades are done with a single character with a simple background or a complex background.Full Body: $50.00Extra Character: $15.00Simple Background: $5 – $10.00Complex Background: $15-$20.00


Illustrations are character artwork inked and fully rendered on a 2400×2400 to 3200×2400 canvas and done with a single character with a complex background.Full Body: $100.00
Extra Character: $30.00
Simple Background: $10 - $15.00
Complex Background: $50.00


Ref sheets are full body renderings of a full body front, back, clothed of your character with additional features.It also can include a full turn around and a clothed pose with additional features upon request.Base Price: $100.00
Complex Details (complex clothing/Armor) $20.00


Will design a character, item, weapon from commissioner’s description. These are done on a 3200×2800 canvas and get larger if needed. The characters consist of a front and back view.The weapon/item designs and characters are fully paintedPortrait Work: $100+
Single Character Design: $80.00+
Single Weapon Design: $65.00+(Price may increase depending on complexity)